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Connecting buyers and sellers while providing the highest level of customer service, professionalism, and communication. We keep up to date with the newest marketing, internet technology & market data to put our clients above the rest!

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You will need an agent who you can trust, who communicates, and who has your best interests in mind. We will work hard to make certain that everything is as rewarding as possible, guiding you every step of the way and making sure your needs and desires are met.

Finding the lender with the right financing can be as important as finding the right home. We will connect you with lenders who are experienced in many types of loans, programs, and solutions. Knowing your choices and completing the approval process before shopping will have you ready to enter the market educated and confident.

We listen to your needs and desires. We take your pricing, location, and needs and deliver realistic results quickly with the latest technology. We will also make recommendations based on knowledge of areas that you may not be aware of or considered before.

Do you need time to get your current home ready to sell?

Is your lease almost up or do you need to improve your credit?

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We will contact the listing agent, share and review the status of the home if there are multiple offers, and what the seller needs, and will work with you to prepare the best offer. The contract to buy and sell will be generated and we will walk you through the contract for your approval before submitting.


Your lender will provide a pre-qualification letter to submit with the offer. You must have this to make an offer. They can provide detailed pictures of payments and costs per property and we will provide them the info they need to get your loan moving and closed.


Any item in your contract offer can be countered. It may be as simple as changing dates, pricing, or inclusion items. If agreeable to all parties the signed counter-proposal will place the contract under contract, which means the contract is binding until closing or is legally terminated.


A small deposit to show that you are earnest about buying this property. Deposited 2-3 days after acceptance to the title company. The money can be refundable if the contract is terminated within your rights to do so. This will go towards your final cash to close.





Once we have received notification from the listing agent of the accepted offer, we will look for the signed contract documents and disclosures. All parties will now start the clock to closing. The lender will now be notified and you will work with them to provide additional documentation needed for the loan approval. Our transaction manager will work with all parties to coordinate documents and dates.


As the buyer, you have the opportunity to hire a professional inspector to evaluate the condition of your home. An inspector will check the structure, construction, and mechanical systems of the house. This usually includes Electrical, plumbing, disposal, water heater, insulation, ventilation, HVAC systems, water source, foundation, windows, ceilings, walls, floors, and roof. Other types of tests that are available are Radon gas, Lead Paint, and Sewer. This will help determine if the property is in acceptable condition, or if we may need to ask for some repairs. We will review this with you and find solutions. If property repairs cannot be agreed upon or are too great, you have the right to terminate the contract and your earnest money will be refunded. Payment for the inspection is due at service and is not refundable.

If the property is part of a homeowners association (HOA) - we will be provided with documents including financials, minutes, by-laws, and more. If the state of the HOA is unacceptable, you will have the right to terminate the contract and get a refund of earnest money.


Once you have determined that there are no issues with the title and all inspection concerns have been resolved, an appraisal will be ordered. An appraisal is an estimate of the value of a property made by a qualified professional. The primary goals of the appraisal are to justify the lender's investment and protect you from overpaying. Your lender will hire the appraiser and will charge you as the buyer a fee for the service. Your offer contract will be contingent on if the appraisal comes in at or above the purchase price you and the seller have agreed upon. If it comes in lower, there is a negotiation or termination.


As you prepare for the closing of your new home, you have been working with your lender, and the title company and by now should have an estimate of all closing costs and are preparing for a clear to close by the loan termination deadline.

Preparing for a Smooth Closing

Your lender will require the Closing Disclosure to be signed a minimum of 3 days prior to closing. A delay in the document will subsequently delay closing. These documents will contain a detailed description of all costs associated with the transaction, including the exact dollar amount you will need to bring to closing.

Bring a Driver's License and any other form of identification or documentation your lender has advised you to bring. Verify with your lender the amount of money to bring and in what form. (Wire Transfer or Cashier's Check).

We will give you an opportunity to see that the condition of the house is the same as it was at the time of the contract. Additionally, you will be able to ensure that any repairs agreed to by the seller, based on inspection, have been completed.

For your current home and new home locations. Water and sewer may be handled directly with your Title company. Your electric, gas, phone, internet, and cable providers should be contacted no later than five days prior to your move date.


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