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Selling Your Home

4 Walls That Fit Real Estate has been in business since 2013. We are a boutique brokerage focused on customer service and problem-solving that has become a strong presence in the Denver Market. We have built lasting relationships with our clients and have become an 80% referral/repeat client base. We are ranked in the top 20% of teams in the metro area with over 200 five-star reviews. At the end of the day, the sale of your home is all about you.

Our Commitment to You

We pride ourselves on keeping you well-informed about the transaction and being available to answer any questions!

We focus on obtaining the highest realistic price with the least amount of hurdles while best representing your financial interests and defending your equity.

As the saying goes, "timing is everything!" Our goal is to exceed your expectations with regard to price, terms, and time.

There are approx. 186 tasks to complete a transaction correctly. We coordinate all of the details and deadlines to perfection and handle any issues that arise.

Selling Timeline


Before listing your home, it is wise to prepare for the market by tackling any maintenance projects, collecting documents, cleaning up the landscaping, and minimizing clutter.

Pricing is the most important! We will look at the market and come up with a price strategy.


It's time to list your home! Your real estate agent will help you determine an appropriate listing price for your home and submit it to the MLS and other internet sites. You will want to make sure you are flexible for showings and keep your home presentable at all times.


Showings will be conducted by buyer's agents and will be requested via BrokerBay, an online showing system. Showings can be allowed anytime and auto-confirmed or can be controlled by you with appointment requests. Open houses are encouraged but not required.


Hopefully, you will have an offer (or even a few on your home) shortly. It is now time to sit down and consider the offers thoughtfully. Outside of purchase price, keep in mind the type of financing, closing date, contingencies, and additional provisions when choosing an offer.


Once you are under contract, the buyer will want to have the home inspected, appraised, and review other due diligence documents to ensure they are comfortable with the home purchase. Please collect any documents you have.


Final negotiations will be made regarding any inspection, appraisal, or other issues, and the loan will be put through final underwriting. Once the buyer's loan is approved and all conditions are met, you are ready to close on your home!


Today is the day! Real estate documents and loan documents will need to be signed and money collected before you get to pop the bubbly and celebrate!


Prep Your Home

Less Items for The Buyers to Say "Well, We Would Need to Do..."

Our team will walk through the property and help advise on the following items and more to help present your home in the best light & condition that will yield the best result.

  • Repair any holes or paint chips on walls.

  • Service furnace and A/C.
  • Inspect the roof and clean the gutters.
  • Remedy any mold or water damage.
  • Ensure all appliances are in working order.
  • Make sure all lightbulbs are working.
  • Remove Clutter & Personal photos.



Virtual Staging


Make Plans to Be Away the First Weekend, Especially if You Would Like Us to Do an Open House

Once photos of your home are completed, marketing is prepared and the sign is in the front yard, you are ready to put your home on the market! In addition to the MLS, the property will be listed on all syndication sites like Zillow, Realtor.com & all brokerage websites.

Showings will soon begin at your home. It is helpful to make yourself as flexible as possible for showings or let us know specific times that DO NOT work for showings so as to accommodate potential buyers as much as possible. Be sure to keep your home show ready as much as possible during this time period.

Before Showings:

  • Open Blinds
  • Make Beds
  • Turn On All Lights
  • Put Away All Clutter
  • Clear Counters
  • Vacuum/Mop Floors
  • Check for Any Odors
  • Set a Comfortable Temperature
  • Put away dirty dishes

The Offers

You have received an offer! Now what? When you receive an offer on your home, we will review the contract in great detail and make sure you understand the terms, advantages, and disadvantages of each offer.

Things to Consider

  • Purchase Price
  • Seller Concessions
  • Type of Financing
  • Inspection Period
  • Closing Date

What Next

An Offer Submitted by A Buyer


Due Diligence Inspection

You Should Plan on Being Away from The Home During the Home Inspection & Appraisal

Once you are under contract, all parties will begin working through the due diligence period and contingencies on the contract.

The buyer will likely do a home inspection. Prior to the inspection, you will fill out a seller's property disclosure and gather documents you have related to the property... i.e. Maintenance Records, Warranties, etc., to give to the buyer during their inspection.

Buyer Inspection & Inspection Objection


HOA Documents & Status Letter

You are required to provide HOA documents. If you do not have an online portal, tile will order a full set for you.

Ordering HOA Documents and Status letters comes at a cost to the seller typically.

The HOA Documents will be provided to the buyer to review financials and minutes of meetings. The Buyer can terminate if the HOA status is unsatisfactory. If there are any Special Assessments that have been levied or voted in please disclose this to your broker.

Status Letter

The Status letter will be provided by the HOA to show the good standing of your account or any special assessments. This status letter will be paid at closing by the seller.

Appraisal Title Loan Payoff

A Title Company will search all records of the home to verify that the title is indeed transferrable and that all liens and loans on the home are paid off during closing, ensuring the buyer has no future issues.

The Lender will want to ensure they are not lending more money than the home is worth. An appraisal is ordered to determine the market value of the home by an independent third party.

If you have a loan on your home, the title company will ask for you to provide them with that information so they can order the payoff letter for your loan, which will be paid at closing.

Final Items

Your Agent Works with The Title Company & Lender to Finalize Everything Before Closing

From the time you went under contract until now, the lender has been preparing the buyer's loan and has submitted it to underwriting. Underwriting will do a final review to make sure all conditions are met and the buyer's loan is solid before approval. Expect loan approval to come close to closing.

If you were required to do inspection items these will be completed and receipts will be provided. The buyer has the right to do a final walk-through to confirm the condition before closing. If you have a post-occupancy agreement they will do one before closing and one after you move out.


Closing & Moving Out

The Day Has Finally Come for You to Sign Those Papers and Officially Sell Your Home

Prior to closing, make sure that you have all your moving plans in place. When the buyer takes possession of the home, you should be completely moved out and the home left in a clean condition. Call your utility companies and make sure they are aware of the move transfer everything out of your name effective on the day of possession and also cancel your homeowner's insurance for the day of closing.

Once the loan is fully approved and the transaction fully funded, you have sold your home. The title company will record the real estate documents with the tax county for you and the buyers will be able to move in as agreed upon in the contract. Congratulations!

Closing Costs

Thank You for Considering Our Team to Sell Your Home

While this guide covers most of what happens in a real estate transaction, every sale is different. That is where we come in, to handle all the little details.

Work With Us

With 4 Walls That Fit extensive knowledge and commitment to providing only the best and most timely information to their clients, they are your go-to source for real estate industry insight and advice.